Company Profile

Total marketing support for large corporations

We no longer live in a world where a product or service can count on success simply because a company is large. In this era, many companies are faced with the problem of not possessing the necessary human resources to implement realistic and effective marketing strategies.

Aquent Studios is a marketing agency founded in 2021 to solve exactly this kind of problem. We provide a complete set of services, from consultation with marketing experts to actual creative production as well as content planning and production. We do this so companies can rest assured their marketing is in good hands.

We do this so companies like yours can leave the marketing to us.

Success Stories

Amazon Go was on a fast-track expansion of its revolutionary “Just Walk Out” stores.

They wanted broad, innovative creative ideas that could come to life within their tight timeline.


Across North America, Chrysler’s dealerships were confined by cumbersome desktop programs. Our applications evolved operations into a fine-tuned machine.

Every day, 1,600 Chrysler dealerships service a total of 40,000 cars. They needed portable, easily-updated technology to streamline the service process from end to end.