Across North America, Chrysler’s dealerships were confined by cumbersome desktop programs. Our applications evolved operations into a fine-tuned machine.

Services Used

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  • Design
  • Development

The Problem

Every day, 1,600 Chrysler dealerships service a total of 40,000 cars. They needed portable, easily-updated technology to streamline the service process from end to end.

Service department work takes up a significant part of the employees’ time, and makes up a substantial portion of a dealer’s revenue, at every location. Chrysler came to us to create a “mission-critical” mobile application that would make it simple to check customers in, diagnose problems, service vehicles, and check out.
Our solution had to be easy to navigate and implement because so many people rely on it. It also had to be flexible enough for frequent updates that would accommodate a continuous array of new vehicle models, software releases, recalls, and more.

The Solution

We put the entire process in the palm of employees’ hands by creating wiADVISOR. This app turned a complex system into something flexible that can be updated fast.

By creating tablet-ready wiADVISOR, we gave dealers greater flexibility to interact with customers and their cars. Service employees can greet people, view their information, and run diagnostics whether they’re on the dealership floor or outside in the parking lot.
We built the application on Javascript frameworks that accommodate frequent updates, too. This lets Chrysler easily manage an ever-changing array of vehicles, customers, and recalls.

The Results

The results we’ve delivered have helped Chrysler improve—and keep improving—efficiency in servicing cars and supporting customers.

We’re an embedded Chrysler partner, entrusted with creating and continually updating many different applications. With our ongoing partnership, we continue to maintain and evolve multiple mission-critical programs.

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